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Baba Yetu

Our Father

"Baba yetu, yetu uliye
Mbinguni yetu, yetu amina!
Baba yetu yetu uliye
Jina lako e litukuzwe."

"Our Father, who art
in Heaven. Amen!
Our Father,
Hallowed be thy name."

Soweto Gospel Choir
Composed by: Christopher Tin


Soweto Gospel Choir: Sowetu, South Africa
Christopher Tin: California, United States





Performed by: Christopher Tin, Lucas Richman, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Soweto Gospel Choir
Written by: Anonymous, Christopher Tin
Produced by: Christopher Tin
Source: Universal Music Classics

Christopher Tin composed this piece as the theme song for the video game Civilization IV. He recruited the Soweto Gospel Choir for vocals for its re-release in the video game Calling All Dawns.

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