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Lig Mé Saor

Wake Me Up

Image by Julian Schiemann

"So lig mé saor ón suan ‘tá orm.

(Tai)speáin dom bóthar éasca cothrom.

Bainfidh mé ceann scríbe amach. ‘

Sí m’aidhm.

Cibé treo atá i ndán."

"So free me from this slumber of mine.

Show me a fair and easy road.

I’ll make it to my destination.

That’s my goal.

Whichever way is meant for me."

Performed by: TG Lurgan

Source: TG Lurgan

The Irish language is taught in schools in Ireland, and various summer immersive experiences strengthen young teenagers' skills with the Gaeilge language. These summer camps are a right-of-passage, as they are often young teenager's first time away from home. The camps seek to be more engaging than a classroom setting, focusing on themes like surfing or sailing. TG Lurgan is a camp that focuses on music. Attendees take popular songs originally in English, and they translate them into Gaelige to perform. This specific song is Avicii's 2013 hit "Wake Me Up."

Today, it is estimated that only 1.7% of the population of Ireland speaks Irish daily. TG Lurgan works as part of the effort to fight the decline and bring back the Irish language. 

About the Artist

TG Lurgan was launched by Coláiste Lurgan. It is a summer school based in Connemara, a cultural region in Galway county, where Irish is predominantly spoken. This camp supports learners of Gaeilge through their YouTube channel. 

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