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Smilet i ditt eget speil

The smile in your own mirror

"De sa du dansa på roser
De sa du aldri trår feil
Men det var en ting du savna
Det var smilet i ditt eget speil"

"They said your life was like a bed of roses
They said you never went wrong
But there was one thing you were missing
It was the smile in your own mirror."

Chris Holsten


Lillestrøm, Norway





Performed by: Chris Holsten
Written by: Alexander Fallo, Benjamin Giørtz, Chris Holsten, Lars Rosness, Synne Vo
Produced by: Benjamin Giørtz, Chris Holsten, Lars Rossnes
Source: WM Norway

Chris Holsten sings in Norweigian and English. He has popular songs in English like "I'll Be Alright" and "Wish I Never Met You."

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