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Pídeme (feat. Mariza)

Ask Me

"Pídeme lo que tú quieras
Sácame de esta duda
Pídeme la tentación
Cuando estemos a oscuras
Pídeme el diario de tu piel
Pede-me o que jamais serei
Pídeme, pídeme, pídeme, pídeme"

"Ask of me whatever you want
Rid me of this doubt
Ask me for temptation
When we're in the dark
Ask me for my daily skin routine
Ask me for what I'll never be
Ask of me, ask of me, ask of me, ask of me"

Vanesa Martín


Málaga, Spain





Performed by: Mariza, Vanesa Martín
Written by: Vanesa Martín
Produced by: Eric Rosse
Source: WM Spain

Vanesa Martín's love for music began when her father gave her a guitar when she was six years old.

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