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"Oh, fa male dirtelo adesso
Ma non so più cosa sento
Se solamente Dio inventasse delle nuove parole
Potrei dirti che
Siamo soltanto bagagli"

"Oh, it hurts to tell you this right now
But I don't know what I feel anymore
If only God would come up with new words
I could tell you that
We are just luggage"



Rome, Italy





Performed by: Ultimo
Written by: Niccolò Moriconi
Source: Honiro distribuito da Believe Distribution Services

Nicolò Moriconi chose the name "Ultimo" because, he said, "We live in a society where TV, advertising, newspapers tell you that you have to excel; it is a continuous race to see who is better, stronger, smarter, beautiful, cool. On the other hand, I am always interested in the last ones, those who strive to make it. I chosee the name 'Ultimo' to make those who are alone feel less alone, less of the losers they are convinced they are."

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