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Gabriella & Vita

We, Gabriella and Vita, are both world travelers, and we know many like us might be experiencing withdrawal from interactions with the magnificent world around us. We find that music is one of the most accessible and imaginative ways to experience culture from around the world in a time that international travel and engagement with other cultures is limited.

In the fall of 2020, Gabi started an international music radio show through her school station. At first, she played music in a handful of languages-- songs she'd picked up from her French exchange students in high school, her Italian classes in college, her friend from the Netherlands, her cousin in Germany, and her Spanish-speaking friends at school. Over time, she expanded that list and realized how much she gravitated towards music in languages she couldn't understand, and by May of 2021, she had played over 40 languages on her radio show.

Around this time, Gabi and her roommate Vita had the idea to create an international music blog to make the content more accessible. Vita was born and raised in Shenzhen, China, and lived with Syrian and Mexican families. She also had experience volunteering in Taize, France with youth from all over the world (Madagascar, Cambodia, Jamaica etc.) Vita loves traveling and learning about different cultures, and found music to be one of the most instrumental ways to learn about a culture. 


We began with humble goals-- to list a variety of songs from different countries around the world, a handful from each continent. Yet, we soon realized it was feasible to collect music from every single country. We hope you enjoy our music as much as we do-- our selection of more than 900 songs from the 195 countries in the world! We welcome suggestions and recommendations!

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