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La Curiosidad

The Curiosity

"A hablarte no me atreví, sé que conmigo no pueden verte
Y se dice por ahí que lo que no mata te hace má' fuerte
Si vuelvo a nacer yo volvería a conocerte"

"I didn't dare to talk to you, I know they can't see you with me
And it's said out here that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
If I was reborn I would have come back to meet you"

Jay Wheeler feat. DJ Nelson and Myke Towers


Puerto Rico



Latin pop


Performed by: DJ Nelson, Jay Wheeler, Myke Towers
Written by: Jose Angel Lopez Martinez, Michael Torres
Produced by: Nelson Diaz, Luis Suarez Silva, Kevin O. Ortiz Bones, Kristian Ginorio, Emmanuel Infante
Source: Linked Music / EMPIRE

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