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Egiye De

Come Forward

"এগিয়ে দে,এগিয়ে দে
দু এক পা এগিয়ে দে
হাটতে চাই কয়েক পা
তোর সাথে"

"Keep forward, keep forward
Keep your steps forward
I want to walk along with you"

Arijit Singh, Madhubanti Bagchi


Jiaganj Azimganj, India (Arijit Singh)



Romantic Pop


Performed by
Arijit Singh, Madhubanti Bagchi

Written by
Arindom Chatterjee, Prosen

Produced by
Shree Venkatesh Films

Source: Shree Venkatesh Films Pvt. Ltd.

This song is from a popular film called Shudhu Tomari Jonyo, or Just For You. It is a song of encouragement for tough times in life.

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