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Mahmood represented Italy and placed second in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with his song "Soldi", which means money. Soldi has been streamed 200 million times on Spotify, has topped the charts of Italy and reached platinum in Spain, Switzerland and Greece. This song describes Mahmood's strained relationship with his father, who only comes around when he's asking for money. The song is sung in Italian, but in the bridge, Mahmood sings Arabic words that he remembers his dad saying to him when he was young, meaning, "My son, my son, darling, come here." 

"Beve champagne sotto Ramadan

Alla tv danno Jackie Chan

Fuma narghilè, mi chiede come va


Mi chiede come va, come va, come va

Sai già come va, come va, come va

Penso più veloce per capire se domani tu mi fregherai

Non ho tempo per chiarire, perché solo ora so cosa sei

È difficile stare al mondo

Quando perdi l’orgoglio

Lasci casa in un giorno


Tu dimmi se

Pensavi solo ai soldi, soldi."

"He's drinking champagne during Ramadan

On the TV they are airing Jackie Chan

He's smoking Shisha and asks me how I'm doing

He asks me how I'm doing

You alredy know how things are going

I think faster to try to figure out if you're going to fool me tomorrow

I have no time to clear things up 'cause I finally found out what you are

It hurts to be alive

When you lose your pride

You leave home out of the blue


You, tell me if

You only cared for money"

Performed by: Mahmood

Written by: Alessandro Mahmoud, Dario Faini, Paolo Alberto Monachetti

Produced by: Dardust, Charlie Charles

Source: Universal Music Italia srL.

About the Artist

Alessandro Mahmoud (Mahmood) is famous in Italy for winning the 69th annual Festival di Sanremo and for representing Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 where he placed second with his song Soldi. Mahmood defines his music as Morocco-pop, finding it hard to fit cleanly into established genres, like rap or pop. He was born and raised in Milan to an Italian mother and an Egyptian father, and his music conveys his background. His stage name Mahmood is a mix of his family name, Mahmoud, and "My Mood."

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