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Senza farlo apposta

Without doing it on purpose


Performed by: Federica Carta, Shade

Written by: Jacopo Ettorre, JARO, Shade

Produced by: JARO

Source: WM Italy


“Senza farlo apposta” is by Shade with Federica Carta. The music video of" Senza farlo apposta" or "Without doing it on purpose" shows a boy and girl who are literally losing time to be together in this futuristic video. Shade and Fererica Carta's voices balance each other well for this heartbreak love story. 

In 2017 his song “Bene ma non benissimo” reached 22 million views on YouTube. He participated in the Summer Festival with this song.

About the Artist



Turin, Italy





Shade was born in Turin. He sings rap pop songs. When he was 16, he became well-known in the Italian hip hop scene, participating in many competitions. Twice, he won the Piedmontese selection of Perfect Techniques. In 2013, he won the TV program MTV Spit. He published his first album Mirabilansia with Warner Music Italia in 2015. He published several songs with  con Federica Carta, like “Irraggiungibile” e “Senza farlo apposta.” “Irraggiungibile” was certified triple-disc platinum from FIMI. In 2019 he participating in the 69th Festival di Sanremo with Federica Carta singing "Senza farlo apposta." Today, his most popular songs are "Allora cioa (Bye then)",  “La hit dell’estate (The hit of the summer),” and “Irraggiungibile (Unattainable).”

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