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Wärst du immer noch hier?

Would you still be here?

"Wärst du immer noch hier?
Selbst wenn ich mal alles verlier?
Bist du da, wenn mich keiner mehr hier kennt?
Oder steh ich ganz allein hier und kämpf?"

"Would you still be here?
Even if I lost everything?
Would you be here if no one knew me anymore?
Or would I be standing here alone and struggle?"



Bonn, Germany



Hip-Hop / Rap


Performed by: Bushido
Written by: Djorkaeff, Anis Ferchichi
Source: ersguterjunge/iGroove, Budde Music Publishing

In his youth, Bushido chose a painting apprenticeship over jail time for drugs and property damage, where he met Fler, who introduced him to hip-hop. This experience helped the artist to turn the corner.

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