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Vorrei ma non posto

I want to but there's no place

"Non c'è un senso a questo tempo che non dà
Il giusto peso a quello che viviamo
Ogni ricordo è più importante condividerlo che viverlo
Vorrei ma non posto"

"There is no sense in this time that doesn't give
The right weight to what we live
Each memory is more important to share than to live it
I want, but there is no place (for me)"

J-AX, Fedez


Milan, Italy



Hip-Hop / Rap


Performed by: Fedez, J-AX
Written by: Alessandro Aleotti, Alessandro Merli, Davide Petrella, Fabio Clemente, Federico Leonardo Lucia
Source: Epic

A spin off of "vorrei ma non posso," "I want but I can't," this song instead talks about how the singers want to be a part of the digital age, but there is no place (posto) for them.

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