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Color Esperanza 2020

Color of Hope

"Saber que se puede, Querer que se pueda
Quitarnos los miedos, dejarlos afuera
Pintarse la cara, color esperanza"

"Knowing that you can, to want it to happen
Take away our fears, leave them out
Painting the faces with the color of hope."

Diego Torres


Buenos Aires, Argentina



Pop Latino


Performed by: Angela Torres, Ara Malikian, Camila, Camilo, Carlos Rivera, Carlos Vives, Coti, Dani Martín...

Written byCachorro Lopez, Coti, Diego Torres

Produced by
Yadam Gonzalez

Source: Sony Music Latin

This reprisal of Diego Torres's 2001 hit features an all-star cast of more than 30 music artists from all over Latin American and Spain. Proceeds from the recording will benefit the Panamerican Health Organization’s effort to limit the spread and impact of COVID-19 across the Americas. Diego Torres's 2001 "Color Esperanza" is the lead single from his fifth album, reflecting themes of hope and overcoming life's hard times.

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