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Reserva Pra Dois

Reserve for Two

"Crescer é saber e amar
Certeza sem fim
Quem me vai dizer no amor
o que é bom ou ruim?""

""Growing is knowing and loving
Endless certainty
Who is going to tell me
what is good or bad in love?""

Branko, Mayra Andrade


Branko: Lisbon, Portugal
Mayra Andrada: Cape Verde



Dance / Electronic


Performed by: Branko, Mayra Andrade
Written by: Branko, J.Barbosa, Kalaf Ângelo, Mayra Andrade
Produced by: Branko
Source: Enchufada

Mayra Andrade has ived in Cuba, Cape Verde, Germany, Senegal, Angola, France and Portugal.

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