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"C'est pas ma vraie vie les photos qu'j'publie
Et moi comme je suis, Mi corazón
J'suis dans ma folie, J'suis dans ma solitude
Pleine lune mon chant résonne"

"My real life isn't the photos I publish
And me, I follow my heart
I am in my craziness, I am in my lonliness
A full moon and my song echoes"

Kendji Girac


Périgueux, France



French reggaeton


Performed by: Kendji Girac
Written by: Damso, Felipe Saldivia, Kendji Girac, Renaud Rebillaud
Produced by: Renaud Rebillaud
Source: Universal Music Division Island Def Jam

Kenji "Girac" Maillié won Season 3 of The Voice: la plus belle voix. Born to a family of Catalan-speaking gypsies, growing up, he spent six months of every year in a caravan.

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