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Immer wenn wir uns sehn

Whenever we see each other

"Immer wenn wir uns seh’n,
Fängt mein Kopf an zu dreh’n, es gibt Viele doch ich spür’, du bist anders.
Immer wenn wir uns seh’n,
bleibt mein Herz wieder steh’n und mein Kopf leer, wo soll ich anfangen?"

"Whenever we see each other,
My head starts spinning, there are many but I feel that you're different.
Whenever we see each other,
my heart stands still once again and my head stays empty, where am I supposed to start?"



Kassel, Hasse, Germany





Performed by: Cyril aka Aaron Hilmer, LEA
Written by: Konstantin Scherer, Wim Treuner, Benedikt Ruchay, Lea-Marie Becker, Robin Haefs
Produced by: Biztram, Djorkaeff
Source: Four Music Local, Budde Music Publishing

This song plays in the film Das schönste Mädchen der Welt, a romantic comedy that follows a teenage ridiculed by his classmates for his nose. He wins rap battles wearing a mask; "Immer wenn wir uns wehn" is one song he raps.

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