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Egiye De

Come Forward

"এগিয়ে দে,এগিয়ে দে
দু এক পা এগিয়ে দে
হাটতে চাই কয়েক পা
তোর সাথে"

"Keep forward, keep forward
Keep your steps forward
I want to walk along with you"

Arijit Singh, Madhubanti Bagchi


Jiaganj Azimganj, India (Arijit Singh)



Romantic Pop


Performed by: Arijit Singh, Madhubanti Bagchi
Written by: Arindom Chatterjee, Prosen
Produced by: Shree Venkatesh Films
Source: Shree Venkatesh Films Pvt. Ltd.

This song is from a popular film called Shudhu Tomari Jonyo, or Just For You. It is a song of encouragement for tough times in life.

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