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Cara Italia

Dear Italy

"Quando mi dicon: Vai a casa!
Rispondo: Sono già qua.
io T.V.B cara Italia
Sei la mia dolce metà"

"When they tell me: 'Go back home!'
I reply: 'I'm already here'
I.L.Y dear Italy
You're my better half"



Milan, Italy



Hip-Hop / Rap


Performed by: Ghali
Written by: Ghali Amdouni, Paolo Alberto Monachetti
Source: WMI Italy

Ghali was born in Italy of Tunisian parents. He sings "Cara Italia" in Italian, along with French, Arabic and Spanish as a love letter to Italy, seen through the eyes of a first-generation Italian, who understands a lot about Italy only when he goes abroad and meets people from other cultures.

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