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Il Nilo Nel Naviglio

The Nile in the Naviglio

"Resto qui e butto un'altra notte, cerco il Nilo nel Naviglio
Qua sono le sette, chiami in after, non rispondo
Fumando a bordo piscina dicevi, "Scappiamo in Cina", ma
Dove vado se non ci sei tu più qui vicino? Se non c'è più il Nilo"

I stay here and throw another night, looking for the Nile in the Naviglio
Here it's seven o'clock, you call in after, I don't answer
Smoking by the pool you said, "Let's run away to China", but
Where do I go if you are not near here? If there is no longer the Nile



Milan, Italy





Performed by: Mahmood
Written by: Alessandro Mahmoud, Francesco Catitti
Produced by: Francesco “Katoo” Catitti
Source: Universal Music Italia srL.

In this song, Mahmood looks for the Nile river in the Naviglio ("naviglio" is the singular of "navigli," a series of canals running through Milan.

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