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"¿Pero qué si me gusta? ¿Qué importa?
Al final esta vida es corta
Y que suba la nota (eh)
Probé tu boca y quiero más, más, más"

"But what if I like it? Does it matter?
In the end this life is short
And raise the note (eh)
I tasted your mouth and I wanted more, more, more"

Rolf Sanchez


Ede, Netherlands




Spanish, Dutch

Performed by: Rolf Sanchez
Written by: Alex van der Zouwen, Andy Clay, Cruz Felipe, Gyo Kretz, Morrison Wijnen, Paul Sinha, Rolf Wienk, Yves Lassally
Produced by: LA$$A
Source: 8ball Music

Rolf Sanchez has a Dominican mother and a Dutch father.

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