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Weg Van Jou

Away From You

"Ze zegt me "als je gaat, vergeet me niet"
Ik moet lachen en zeg "zeker niet"
Ik ben weg van jou
Ze nemen mij nooit weg van jou"

"She tells me "if you leave, don't forget me"
I laugh and say "of course not"
I'm away from you
They won't ever take me away from you"

Suzan & Freek


de Achterhoek, Netherlands





Performed by: Suzan & Freek
Written by: Arno Krabman, Freek Rikkerink, Leon Palmen, Suzan Stortelder
Produced by: Arno Krabman
Source: Sony Music Entertainment

"("Weg Van Jou"'s about the uncertainties in a relationship and how you sometimes say things you don't mean and how that doesn't change your feelings for each other," said Suzan & Freek. This song "Away From You" took on a double meaning, as it was released in light of global COVID-19 pandemic."

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